Hole 1, Par 4 Index 11

Unlike many courses, the opening hole at Horizon Hills is anything but easy. The tee shot is played blind onto a wide-looking elevated landing area heavily guarded on the left by fairway bunkers. This is one of several holes at Horizon Hills where the green is not visible from the tee. The biggest obstacle is the fairway bunkers and mounds that actually sit on a straight path towards the green. Big hitters should be able to carry the bunkers but for the first-timer, playing to the right is the safer route. The green is slightly elevated and well guarded with bunkers on both sides. The surface is well contoured and as is the case with most of the greens here, full concentration is needed to avoid three putts or more.

  • 370 metres (gold)
  • 346 metres (blue)
  • 325 metres (white)
  • 309 metres (red)