Hole 2, Par 5 Index: 1

After completing this hole you will understand why it is ranked as the toughest at Horizon Hills. A creek lurks dangerously close to the narrow fairway along the entire left side and it then bisects just beyond the landing area. If the tee shot is poorly executed, this hole then almost plays like a Par 6! Even a good tee shot does not guarantee par or better here because the second shot has to carry the same creek that now bisects the fairway again further ahead. You will need an extra club in order to find an elevated green that is heavily guarded on the right with deep bunkers. A popular pin placement here usually brings the bunkers into play and scores of eight, nine and even 10 are to be expected. Score a bogey and walk away like you’ve made birdie!

  •  506 metres (gold)
  • 488 metres (blue)
  • 472 metres (white)
  • 427 metres (red)