Hole 5, Par 4 Index: 13

This is a great golf hole that demands course management all the way! Bunkers split the fairway in half, forcing long hitters to aim down the left and avoiding the lateral water hazard that flows all the way behind the green. This is the best play as it provides a shorter approach to a very difficult green that has a false front. The safer route right of the fairway bunkers will demand a longer iron but a lay-up would be the preferred option especially when you have to contend with the demanding green. Watson spared no lives when designing his greens and the fifth is no different. Heavily contoured in the middle and to the right, the green slopes towards the back left and any overcooked chip shots will end up in the water.

  • 355 metres (gold)
  • 339 metres (blue)
  • 324 metres (white)
  • 291 metres (red)