Hole 7, Par 4 Index: 3

One of the toughest holes at Horizon Hills. It has length and a very elevated and contoured green surrounded by deep bunkers. The challenge starts as early as the tee shot. From the tee box you may not be able to sight the fairway and only get a glimpse of a bunker mounding. The line of attack on this somewhat blind hole is left of this bunker where the fairway opens up generously. However, many may opt to play to the right but they will get suckered into the rough and sometimes barren hill slopes. Once again, Watson keeps the golfer on his toes even at the finishing line and this is another green not to be taken lightly. A good drive, an accurate long iron and two smart putts are needed to save par. Otherwise, laying up before the green will take the greenside bunkers out of play and a bogey or better can be expected.

  • 406 metres (gold)
  • 383 metres (blue)
  • 361 metres (white)
  • 330 metres (red)